Unlimited Refills

I remember going out to eat as a kid.  How special was that?  The only problem was the drink.  You got one chance, one shot, one cup.  I was allowed to order a Coke but only on those rare occasions.  The cup would come, the straw would be sinking down to the depths of that fizzy treat, and out would come the admonishment that every kid still dreads to this day, “Don’t drink all of that before your dinner comes because you’re not getting any more.”   Back in the old days, restaurants would bring you one drink and if you wanted refills your parents would have to pay for them.  The only thing that was free was the water.  Who wants plain old water?   Ick.  As Charlie Brown said, “ARGH!”  What would happen then?  I would drink just a sip and then, like a kid possessed, I’d have it drained just as the dinner was arriving.

Well, kids today have never experienced that trauma because now there are restaurants where you go back for unlimited refills yourself or where your server frequents your table asking, “Would you like a refill?”  So not fair!  Why did my generation have to walk all the way across the room to change the TV channel AND only get one cup of syrupy goodness at a sit-down restaurant?

Aside from the obvious comments I could make about calories and weight gain and the state of our bodies today, I am so grateful that unlimited refills have been the norm for all time from our Father in Heaven.  Drinking deeply of my Father’s love will never result in the slurping of the straw at the bottom of the ice-filled cup.  Instead, it results in my Jesus asking me if I want a refill.  Forever.  The choice is mine.  Of course, I do!  Some people think that they aren’t worthy of those unlimited refills.  Some people don’t understand and walk away after a few sips.  What I have learned is to keep saying, “Yes!”  Bring on the refills on compassion, on providence, on care, on faith, on hope, and on the best one of all, love.  Thank You, God, for always refilling my cup as long as I come to You and ask for more.

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