The Huddle


On my way home from work each day, I pass what used to be a church.  Out in front, 2 years ago, they had displayed a large nativity scene complete with a wooden stable.  As the Christmas season ended, the figures of Mary and Joseph and the kings and a shepherd or two were pushed together.  Thus started The Huddle.  The church has since moved on, hopefully to a new location, but they left the holy family behind.

Every day I saw these key players in my faith huddled together but what where they talking about?  I made up story after story.  I called a friend who plays college football and asked what exactly goes on in a real huddle.  He said, “It’s usually just the quarterback getting the plays from the sideline and telling us real quick.  If there’s a little break we will talk about what we all need to do.  So everyone CAN talk but there usually isn’t much time because of the play clock.”

Now that I know what goes on in  a regular, football huddle, let’s figure out what’s going on in the Holy Huddle.  First, the QB has to be Mary.  She’s the one getting the plays from the Heavenly sideline.  The omnipotent coach, God, has said there’s not much time and they need to make this play count.  It will be one of the most important plays ever.  Joseph is our center and he is getting Mary exactly what she needs and blocking for her while she’s getting ready for the play of a lifetime.  The other players are all doing their parts and agreeing that this is the right thing to do.  The kings are our receivers and they’re going to run a fake pattern after the huddle breaks.  They want to draw attention away from midfield because Herod, the coach of the other team, really wants an interception.  The shepherds and animals crowd around to buy our QB some time until she barks out, “Bethlehem!”  Then, there He is.  Our faith, our hope, the light of the world has Touch(ed) Down.  The play has been called, executed to perfection, and now we win.

I’m keeping my eye on the huddle I pass everyday.  They are getting ready to remind me, once again, that I am saved.

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