Love is like going down a big hill on your bike when you were a kid.   Some kids fly down and never think twice about what could happen.  I always admired those kids.  Some kids, and my hand is up, go down a little at a time.  Some kids, don’t make it down at all.  Here’s why…

If the head is in control saying this is too steep, I don’t know what’s at the bottom, just put the brakes on a little.  Slow down.  Stop.  I am scared.

The heart is saying wait a minute, this feels a little exciting.  I like the wind in my face and the wobbling of the bike.    I can’t wait to see what’s at the bottom!  Hats off and hair flying.

About halfway down, the head has convinced you you’ll never make it.  The heart is screaming for joy.   You’re confused, so you:

A-pull over and catch your breath and go back to the top to try it over because your head has convinced you that no good can come of this.  You’re going to crash and it’s too scary and you always crash and it really hurts and it isn’t fair and you don’t want to get hurt again.   You tell yourself you’re just not good enough.

B-you slow down a little to appease your head but your heart carries you forward and your legs are pedaling like mad and you can’t catch your breath and you’re so excited you could pee your pants because there is the bottom of the hill and you’re going to make it and … you did it!!!

If you choose A, you will never get to experience the finish.  You will stay safe and confused and afraid and you will start over again and again.

If you choose B, you will be terrified and exhilarated and you will see that there are so many new things beyond the bottom of that hill.  You may have crashed and skinned your knees and busted your lip but you got to the bottom and you are in a new place.  You have crashed before but you tried again and you got stronger from it.  You can see more hills to try and more places to ride than you ever thought possible.  Maybe, just maybe, this turns out to be the best thing you ever did.  It truly is your choice.  There isn’t some aha moment where you realize that you CAN do it.  There is a time where you realize you WANT to do it.

Love is a natural part of life.  So many people fear it and continue to put on the brakes because they don’t want to get hurt.  The alternative to letting your heart guide you is that your head might keep you in a “safe” place.   You are sad and hurt and unsure all the time.  You never get to know what could happen.  You miss the reason God put us all here.

By letting your heart choose and by listening to what God is already telling you, you open yourself up to new possibilities and all the joy your heart can hold.  Better yet, get your head and your heart into a partnership where your heart can take you places you’ve always been afraid to go but your head can help you avoid some of the bigger rocks.

You may get hurt but you may not.  Isn’t it worth trying?  Only you can decide.

Of course it’s not just that simple, but then again, doesn’t this make you think?   Not everybody gets hurt from loving and caring for another person. Not everybody leaves.  Even if it’s happened before, it’s not going to happen every time.  If you find the right person, it is worth the risk.

Don’t let your head tell you you’re not good enough. Don’t give in to thinking that somebody else is better suited for the ride.  You are it.  You were built for this and you are the one.

Nobody says you must get to the bottom of the hill at breakneck speed.  Go at a pace that’s better for you.  Make your way to the bottom of the hill.  But go.  Don’t stop.  Don’t go back.  You will be so glad you did.  I promise.

4 thoughts on “Pedal!

  1. I’m really glad you wrote this, because this is encouragement about being brave in the face of heartache and the fear of being hurt, rejected, or disappointed. I appreciate the message behind this and I think it’s an extremely valuable message for others to keep in mind because, honestly, no matter what our experience is, it is better to have loved and gotten hurt than never to have loved at all. It’s better to have a history with memories that make up who we are, experiences we can learn from and reflect on, and hopefully appreciate. Without these, the opposite experience–the void of emptiness–is terrifyingly lonely and unfulfilling. Get to the bottom of the hill, indeed. Great article!! God bless!

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