Down to One

I started as 3, my parents and me
in spring of ’65.

We grew to more when Jeff made 4
in spring of ’69.

We stayed that 4 for many years more
moving so many times.

They were now 3 when I left to see
where my future would lead.

I became 2 when, out of the blue,
he asked to marry me.

He and I were now 3 when Abigail C.
showed her cute little face.

Anna made 4 as she came through the door
spikey brown hair and all.

Audra was 5 and our family could thrive
for many days to come.

Then down to 4 when I needed more,
divorce became our norm.

Abigail didn’t tarry, she left to be married
to her love from the first grade.

Anna left next to join the vet techs
and help our 4 legged friends.

Audra has grown and just left home
to figure out her place.

And that leaves me, as you can see,

No more we,

No more they,

Only I.

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