Peachy Winslow (Book idea?)

I have a character who’s been running around in my head for a quite a while and I know that she has a story to tell.  This is part of her story.  

Peachy Winslow has a story to tell.  She is from Cumbersome, Iowa.  Do you know what cumbersome means?  It means, “slow or complicated and therefore inefficient”. Peachy knows because she looked it up on one of her many trips to the library.  Normally, on her way through the small, dusty, 2-room building she doesn’t stop at the giant dictionary by the door.  She keeps going straight over to the biography section to pull out the well worn copy of “Annie Oakley”.   There is only one book about Annie Oakley in the whole library.  I guess the town council of Cumbersome, Iowa, feels that it would be just too, well… cumbersome to burden their readers with too many books about the same topic.

4 thoughts on “Peachy Winslow (Book idea?)

  1. Great opening paragraph. Peachy already has my attention. Since you asked for my opinion on your idea, I have a few questions. Where do you see this story going? What is your idea for it?
    From the paragraph, I get an image of a bright little girl living in a relatively small town in Iowa. Is she a young detective? Does she want to emulate Annie Oakley? Is this a rodeo story? I am already drawn to the character, but know far too little to know anything about your idea. Seems like you are exploring the character right now and waiting to see who she is and what she does. Am anxious to learn more about her myself!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m exploring her. I am thinking a target audience around 9 or 10. I am developing her. Your comments have given me some good questions – how does Annie Oakley play into her life? I think Peachy has experienced some personal loss and is finding a way to overcome. I’m exploring your questions. Thank you! More to come.

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