When I was a little girl, I loved to watch the Carol Burnett Show on TV.  Some of the funniest moments on TV occurred on that show but one sketch in particular really got me thinking.  Mr. Tudball (Tim Conway) and his secretary, Mrs. Wiggins (Carol Burnett), are trying out their new intercoms.  Mr. Tudball presses the button and summons Mrs. Wiggins, who reponds by pressing the button on her end.  Mr. Tudball proceeds to press his button once again to spout off some direction.  All the while Mrs. Wiggins is still holding her button down and saying, “Hello?”  Finally after much trial and error, Mr. Tudball emerges from the office to exclaim, “Don’t a-press that button when I’m a-talking to you.”  If you want to watch the episode in part or in whole, feel free.  I’ll wait.  The Carol Burnett Show

How does this sitcom sketch illustrate our interactions with God?  I’m so glad you asked.

Most of us spend some part, even a minuscule part, of every day praying to God.  We each pray differently.  The languages are different, the tone is different, even the location varies from person to person.  Many of us have something in common though.  We pray, “Please forgive, please comfort, please strengthen, please bless, please help, please give…you fill in the blank.”  With that said, how many of us take the time to let go of the button and listen for God’s response?  We tend to call God to us in prayer just the way that Mr. Tudball calls his secretary.  Once we have His attention though, we “hold that button down” by turning on the car radio, going back to the chaos of the household, rolling over and going to sleep, or a million other things that call for our attention.  We’ve done our part, right?  As God is responding to answer, to lead, or even to ask more, we are holding that button down and are deaf to His voice.

Let go of the button, people.  Listen to what He’s telling you and you will be oh so glad that you did.

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