I Brought it Home…


I had to bring my bag of papers to grade.  I had to bring my manuals to figure out these writing lessons.  I had to bring my packet from the last faculty meeting…you know, the one I haven’t read through yet? Wasn’t I supposed to have implemented those new strategies into my curriculum by now?   I had to bring my box of markers.   I had to bring my mugs and cups that have accumulated for far too long.  No choice, I had to bring those things home.  

I also brought home the cancer news from a child’s parent.  I brought home the sadness of knowing what that child is going to find out this weekend.  I brought home the anguish of the kid who just can’t get it no matter how hard he tries.  I brought the fear of the child who wishes her mom could stop doing drugs long enough to help with the homework that I keep asking her to do.  I brought home the worry of a parent who just wants her child to be a good student and not get sent to the principal’s office again.   

I’ve brought it all home, and you know what?   I think my heart is heavier than my teacher bag.   I’m not unique.   These are the same things every other teacher takes home too.  Here’s to all of you who help carry the load.   You are appreciated and you are not alone.  

4 thoughts on “I Brought it Home…

  1. Everyone who has ever worked with children feels the weight of each child’s daily burden, as well as their accomplishments! It’s a joy to be with them when something happy is going on & it breaks your heart when they hurt! You have expressed what that feels like in a most profound way & it is my hope that parents, as well asall those who believe that teachers go home at 3:00 pm & only work for 3 monts/year will understand what you feel like as you are on your way home! What makes teachers consider leaving the classroom and what makes the truly great ones stay on for 25+ years!! You’re a truly great one!!

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