Waiting on Ellen


Okay, raise your hand if you’ve ever daydreamed about being on the Ellen DeGeneres show and she calls YOU up to the stage.  In your daydream YOU receive the make-over/new house/new car/mortgage pay-off/etc…  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  That’s all well and good as long as we don’t start believing that’s going to have to happen for our situation to improve.  If X happens, then I’ll finally be out of debt.  If X happens, then I’ll finally be happy.  If X happens, then I can start helping other people.

I watch the non-famous people sit down on her couch or take her phone call from their own couch and they scream for all to hear.   Sometimes they answer their door to see her helpers broadcasting their reaction.  I picture it being me.  Except recently I have decided that it doesn’t need to be me.  If Ellen comes calling in any form, I’ll be so excited that I’ll scream and cry and probably pee my pants.  However, if she doesn’t, I’ll work on a plan to pay my bills and save something.  Anything.  I’ll work on loving how I look, how I sound, how I feel, and how I am, so that I’ll be happy.  Happy with me.  Not the me that’s waiting on someone else but the me that is smart and beautiful and loving and blessed.  I’ll work on finding a way to be kind to strangers and friends and family every single day.  Not just the days when I feel like I have a little extra money.  Days when I feel like I have nothing.  Those are the days when I can be the most help because then I can truly give of myself.

The one I should be waiting on, the one I am waiting on is my holy Father.  He has the power to do so much more than any earthly person.  He is the reason I get up every morning.  He hears me cry when things are falling apart.  He hears me shout when my excitement bubbles over.  He also should be the one who hears my thanks and praise at all times.  He should be the one who hears that His Will and not my wants are what I desire.  Instead of putting the things of this world first and waiting on them to make all my dreams come true, I will put Him first and He will give me the life I couldn’t even dream up.

So, while I’d really like to meet Ellen one day, I’m also coming up with a new daydream.  In this new dream, I’m sitting in her audience watching someone else on that stage, on that phone, and at that door.  I’m cheering for them and crying tears of joy over their new blessings.  I’m so happy to know my God sees the greatest need.  Not just the greatest want.